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Tazrbiyte means Carpet/rug.

This beautiful T-shirt draws its inspiration from our stunning Amazigh carpets.

Amazigh symbols play a crucial role in the design of these carpets. Each one carries a unique story, brimming with emotions and moments that the skilled woman/weaver chooses to express through her art. The most commonly used symbols include the zigzag and the evil eye, among others.

These symbols hold various meanings, varying from one tribe to another.

Wearing our T-shirt will not only bring you positive energy but also provide protection from the evil eye, just as our cherished carpets do for their owners.

Tahndirt T-shirt

  • Composition

    • 100% cotton
    • Weight: 150g
    • Unisex
  • Size

    • Size S - Width: 49cm | Length: 69cm | Sleeve length: 17.5cm
    • Size M - Width: 52cm | Length: 72cm | Sleeve length: 19cm

    • Size L - Width: 56cm | Length: 73cm | Sleeve length: 22cm

    • Size XL - Width: 58cm | Length: 75cm | Sleeve length: 20cm

  • Washing

    • Handwashing 
    • Do not iron over the design.

  • Service

    • Since each piece is unique and made for you, returns and refunds are not accepted. However, contact me if you are experiencing any problems.

    • The product is made to order.

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