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Azul Hello, 


I am Souad, founder of Rchima Design, Amazigh brand. All our products are designed, created, and decorated by hand.

My goal with rchima design is to create and connect people throughout the world to the beauty of Amazigh culture by creating artisanal products imprinted with this identity. In this way, I hope to keep alive the heritage from my culture within these modern changing times.


When you buy from @RchimaDesign, you are buying more than just an item or two. You are buying a piece of my heart, part of my soul, a private moment in my life. you are buying days, weeks, months, years of creativity, and perseverance, therefore moments of pure joy. Centuries of upholding our Amazigh legacy and aesthetics.   



                           Welcome to my world “Rchima design”

                                            With LOVE




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