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-Touda Sweat-shirt- from Tamtout Collection 

This collection is so special to me, it means to me my childhood, family, and my identity as an Amazigh woman.
Tamtout means woman in Tamazight language. this collection honors all the women in our lives. Our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and others.
Tamtout Sweat-shirt is the power, energy and empowerment, sisterhood, and solidarity among all women. 
Through this collection, I wanted to show you the beauty of the embroidery of my Ait Atta tribe.
Tamtout Collection was inspired by the black shawl/scarf (in tamazight tahrouyt ) worn by women in my hometown. However, my aunt makes them have a lot of Amazigh motifs in different colors which tell her story and the stories of our region.

Tamtout Sweat-shirt

Color: lightgrey
  • Composition

    100% Cotton

    Weight: 150g 

    Proudly Made in Morocco.

  • Washing

    Machine washable at 40 °

    Wash with like colors.

    Do not iron over the design.

  • Size guide

    Size S - Width: 51cm | Length: 62cm | Sleeve length: 58.5cm

    Size M - Width: 57cm | Length: 65cm | Sleeve length: 62cm

    Size L - Width: 60cm | Length: 67cm | Sleeve length: 67cm

    Size XL - Width: 65cm | Length: 69cm | Sleeve Length: 68cm

  • Unisex

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