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Tamozount Sweat-shirt is a piece of art, painted and embroidered by hand, each detail is carefully made with alot of love and appreciation to our Amazigh Culture.

The symbol means the eye to protect yourself against the evil eye. however, different thread colours are inspired from the amazigh flag which represent the freedom, each color corresponds to an aspect of tamazgha, the territory inhabited by Amazighs in North africa; 

  • Blue represents the mediterranean sea and the atlantic oceans.
  • Green represents nature and the green mountains.
  • Yellow represents the sand of the Sahara desert.
  • Red the color of life and resistance.


Tamozount Sweat-shirt

  • Composition


    100% Cotton

    Weight: 150g 

    Proudly Made in Morocco.

  • Washing

    Machine washable at 40 °

    Wash with like colors.

    Do not iron over the design.

  • Size guide

    Size S - Width: 51cm | Length: 62cm | Sleeve length: 58.5cm

    Size M - Width: 57cm | Length: 65cm | Sleeve length: 62cm

    Size L - Width: 60cm | Length: 67cm | Sleeve length: 67cm

    Size XL - Width: 65cm | Length: 69cm | Sleeve Length: 68cm

  • Unisex

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