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This remarkable t-shirt dances with the enchanting essence of Amazigh alphabets (Tifinagh) and embraces the mesmerizing allure of tattoos, igniting an iridescent radiance that captivates the world.

Taloubant T-shirt

  • Composition

    • 100% cotton
    • Weight: 150g
    • Unisex
  • Size guide

    • Size S - Width: 49cm | Length: 69cm | Sleeve length: 17.5cm
    • Size M - Width: 52cm | Length: 72cm | Sleeve length: 19cm

    • Size L - Width: 56cm | Length: 73cm | Sleeve length: 22cm

    • Size XL - Width: 58cm | Length: 75cm | Sleeve length: 20cm

  • Washing

    • Handwashing 
    • Do not iron over the design.

  • Service

    • Since each piece is unique and made for you, returns and refunds are not accepted. However, contact me if you are experiencing any problems.

    • The product is made to order.

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