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We are ecstatic to present to you our new Fatma Shopper. Honouring our grandparents who fought to keep alive our Amazigh culture and language and pass it through generations. with Touda Shopper we are shedding light in their voices and lives that speaks louder than words in this new design. 


These Symbols in the Shopper are inspired by the amazing tattoos that my grandmothers and my aunts have on their faces, hands, and arms.


Fatma Shopper is a multi use bag with straps and a small pocket inside to keep your phone and keys separate from other things in your bag, It can be worn in many ways to suit your style and mood of the day. 

Fatma Shopper

  • Composition

    80% cotton, recycled origin, ring-spun combed.

    20% polyester, recycled origin.

  • Washing

    • Handwashing 
    • Do not iron over the design
  • Service

    Since each piece is unique and made for you, returns and refunds are not accepted. However, contact me if you are experiencing any problems.

  • Size

    45 x 53 cm

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